Bibuta (pronounced “bee-BOO-tah”) is a Minneapolis eatery founded by acclaimed sushi chef Billy Tserenbat in 2016. We use the best and freshest ingredients to create burrito-like maki sushi, poke bowls and sushi salads. We're passionate about sharing our love of sushi and we take pride in making your food fresh, fast and delicious.

Eat Bibuta. Feel Good. Be Happy.


Our Menu —


You still reap the benefits of a raw fish meal, though it’s one you can eat walking down the street.
— City Pages, Best Food Truck
Their signature selection of Sushi Burritos and Fresh Bowls is unbelievably flavorful and offers the perfect light bite for any time of day.
— Roaming Hunger
I need more of this in my life because it makes me so happy.
— Crystal Grobe, CBS Minnesota

Hours & Location

Lunch is served in the NorthStar Center skyway.

Monday - Friday

11:00AM - 2:00PM

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(612) 567-4440
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